The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum - Victoria, Australia

For 128 years this mental hospital restrained people in straight jackets and shackles and dealt out the electric chair like sweets.

The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum didn’t just treat adults, children were also subject to the treatments that apparently helped the mentally unstable.

This Asylum was in full operation from 1867 until it was closed not so long ago in 1995.

Since its closure, the Asylum was converted not only into a hotel but also a conference center and even a university campus.

All tried and all failed.

It appears that whatever and whoever lurks within these walls didn’t take kindly to the new ventures and made sure that the ghosts here didn’t go unnoticed. Maybe this is why all attempts at recycling this old building failed.

And with over 3000 reported deaths, and I am sure there were more, within these walls, it’s no surprise that these tortured souls remain in the compound.

It could treat as many as 1,200 patients at one time and was at full capacity more often than not and if there were any free beds then it didn’t stay that way for long.

One patience would either die to free up a bed or worse, be released, but released more insane then what they were admitted.

Nurses and doctors were stretched to the max so the care had a lot to be desired so much so that patients went missing and were found dead weeks later in weird places.

One example of that was a male patient who was reported missing and was only found weeks later after the resident dog Max was seen to be chewing on a human leg bone, the patient was found up a tree with one leg missing.

The Beechworth had a reputation and still does to this day but for different reasons.

Now it’s famous for its ghosts and other sinister goings on and has been voted one of the most haunted buildings in Australia and with it being one on the biggest Lunatic hospitals built it has a large history to match.

Many paranormal investigation teams have attempted to capture the creepy hauntings that the Beechworth has on offer and many have succeeded.

But It’s not just the investigators that get evidence of the ghosts that reside here, everyday normal people some believers and some non-believers have witnessed first hand and even heard and felt and captured for themselves the souls that once would call Beechworth Lunatic Asylum home.

Home to thousands, and the place of death to most of them and a place of torture and hell to all.

Men women and children could spend months and even years behind these once whitewashed but soon grey and dirty walls.

Some would share a tiny room with nothing bed a metal bed frame and an itchy blanket and others, depending on how insane they were labeled would be confined to a padded white cell with nothing but a straight jacket or shackles for company.

Neither of these is pleasant but compared to the Grevillia wing there by far the lesser evil of options.

Everyone feared the Grevillia wing, staff included and if you were unlucky enough to wind up here then the chances were that your number was up but before you either died from the torture or ended up brain dead and deemed a cabbage you would face nothing but pain and suffer for the entirety of your stay in the Grevillia wing.

The treatment that the doctors put their patients through just isn’t thinkable.

These poor souls were put through a life real hell.

Not only were they slapped, punched and kicked all in the name of therapy but they were subject to electric therapy treatment.

They would be tied by the wrists and ankles to the bed and there head secured with a heavy leather belt so they were completely unable to move and an electric shock would be put through their bodies and pass through the body with the head being the input point.

Fully aware of what was coming and feeling every ounce fear as the current passed through the body, these poor souls must have wished for there death.

Some were lucky and that very wish came true, others, however, had to relive this torture until their bones would break and their insides would burn and then if death didn't take you, you would now live the life of nothing and be so severely brain damaged that all you could do is lay there all day unable to move, until death would finally come and release you from the living hell

The children, although wasn’t subject to this torturous goings-on, were living their own life of hell on the children's ward.

Some of the younger patients would never make it to adulthood as their lives were taken from the very hand that was to make them better.

The children were used to a beating and some were beaten to death accidental and otherwise.

The ones that did make it through there adolescence probably wished they hadn’t once they had a taste of what it was to live as an adult in this Asylum.

And the ones that made it back home to the very families that put them in the first place were never the same again.

Once on the outside living the life with the memories and scars mental and physical was too much to carry around for some and ended up committing suicide later on in life but the ones who did live the life of burden with the memories of being mentally tortured would ironically end up actually going mad themselves.

And as creepy as the words of Lunatic and Asylum stand for, what’s even creepier is what happened after the death of these patients.

Down in the basement of the hospital is where the doctors and there unknown voluntary assistance would store the bodies in bags ready for them to experiment on.

It’s believed that some of these bodies were down there for months before being laid to rest and other were offered for demonic rituals and black magic in way of a thank you for their assistance.

Devil worshiping and even human sacrificing was held down in the basement.

Which leaves the question were all the missing patients really missing?

No one will know for sure but it’s rumoured that some of the more mental patients or the ones with no family to ask questions were offered and used for dark sadistic rituals.

Was the evil entity drawn here due to all the pain and suffering that occurred here over the years?

Maybe the saddened and lost souls energy attracted it?

Or was it awoken from beneath the building down in the basement from all the sadistic rituals and devil worship?

At the end of the day, I suppose it doesn't really matter as no matter how or what brought the darkness here, it’s here and that’s that and whatever it is, is drawn and feeds from the suppressing energy that can be felt throughout the Beechworth Asylum.

People from all over the world come here to Victoria not just for the Australian sunshine and sightseeing but to take a tour of the Asylum and to see for themselves if the rumoured ghost sightings are in fact true.

Over the years the popularity of the tour has gone from strength to strength and the reports of ghostly happenings is enormous.

Not only do the professional paranormal investigators get to experience first hand some of the creepy hauntings here but everyday people have seen, felt and heard and even captured for themselves the ghosts of Beechworth.

Below is a photo taken by notorious ghost hunter Allen Tiller.

He captures a young child kneeling down in the most feared part of the building, Grevillia wing, and not only did he manage to shoot this awesome piece of evidence he also claims that when he was there doing an investigation with his medium side kick Rayleen Kable they witnessed doors slamming, heavy footsteps and even caught a dark voice on EVP demanding them to get out.

The most disturbing energy came from the Bull pen, a section of the Asylum that housed violent and very troubled and disturbed young adults aged 18 - 25.

So onto some of the ghosts.

With many ghosts here the one that stands and shines out more frequent is that of the very loving and compassionate matron Sharpe.

Matron Sharpe spent pretty much of all her nursing career here and pretty much all of her life and was that rare find. The Florence Nightingale of the lunatic hospital.

When she was alive she would go and sit with the patients to help calm them before they underwent the electric shock treatment and would sit and talk to all patients no matter the time of day.

Her Angelic character lives on and shines through now after her death.

She is seen by many to be simply floating down the corridors of the hospital and in and around the different wings, she’s also seen to run up to people as they come through the door as if to greet them.

Her creepiest sightings come from when she is seen to be reliving her comforting of the patients before the shock treatment. Her ghostly frame is seen to be sitting by a bed and holding an unseen hand, the atmosphere in the room is said to although comforting by her presence but very eerie and has a certain creepiness to it at the same time as well as a feeling of dark and cold.

The next ghost to make his presence known frequently is J.Kelly.

You will find his signature carved in his room, the very room where you will find his spirit.

Kelly spent 15 years in here after burning down his sister in laws house. Although he didn't die here he did leave madder than when he was admitted and after his death, it appears he’s returned to his old bedroom.

People who have witnessed the hauntings in here have seen him banging on the walls and pacing up and down his room like a madman, and throwing objects across at the walls, followed by a deep eerie satisfied laughter.

One of the most haunted parts of the building is thought to be the place where the patients young and old would go for there fun time.

The recreation hall equipped with decks of cards, rocking chairs has at least two ghosts that haunt this fun house.

One of which is a young girl but her soul isn’t seen smiling and laughing, instead she is seen scratching with her short nails at the concrete walls and heard wailing in the same girl seen in the photo?

The other ghost here is an old man who again doesn’t appear to be having much fun.

He is simply seen to be standing at the window staring enviously at the people roaming free below him.

As you make your way through to the kitchen area you might bump into Tommy Kennedy.

Tommy was a patient here and after being offered a great opportunity to work in the kitchen along with another patient things turned very bad for them both.

In hindsight putting two crazy men in a room full of knives really wasn’t the best of ideas.

Tommy was murdered along with his co-worker and inmate and people who have the pleasure of meeting Tommy’s spirit don’t always see but rather feel him.

He is known to tug at peoples clothing and arms as they pass through and some even get a poke in the ribs.

The clashing of pots and pans are heard loud and often even though the contents of the kitchen have long since been removed along with the screams shouting and crying of someone clearly in pain.

If you're wandering around the grounds outside of the Asylum you may be wondering why the recreation grassed area is surrounded by a man-made trench, this is just another example of the mental torture that the patients were put through.

It’s known as the HA HA wall.

Beyond that wall is freedom but unable to reach the outside world, the staff would laugh at all the attempts of escape

But as well as the HA HA wall you may encounter a dead ghost body laying on the ground beneath a high window. This poor woman was pushed to her death after a patient wanted her cigarettes.

We all know that children have imaginary friends so if you bring your children for a visit here and you see them talking to there “friend” or it may just be that they are actually talking to the many spirit children who are rumoured to be playing outside, not often seen by the adult eye but are often heard by the adult ear.

Laughter and giggles are often heard surrounding the building and not just outside.

Inside the hospital, there are many reports of people hearing little people chuckling and some can even sense that there is a child nearby.

There are other ghosts here, the unknown souls that wander aimlessly around dorms and up and down the lonely corridors.

Quite often footsteps are heard to be following you and doors seem to just open all by themselves.

But the most disturbing of all is the evil that surrounds these inside walls.

There are reports and claims that people have seen the devil in Beechworth.

They say that from within the shadows of the dark corners glowing red eyes seem to be looking back at them, creepier still some claim that they feel as if something dark and heavy is following them around and didn’t leave them until they left the building.

Some say that they actually feel as if the dark energy is trying to take over their body and they become physically sick with stomach pain and an onslaught of major stomach cramps accompanied with a sudden shooting pain through the head and dizziness.  

The stench of rotten flesh is described to follow them, a smell that not everyone can smell.

Some people have gone to take the tour but don’t actually make it through the tour as the heavy dark energy surrounds them is too much to bear.

Will you be brave enough to take the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum tour?