Spirit Attachment and Possession

It’s not just places and objects that can be haunted by ghosts YOU can be haunted to!!

First thing first..What is Spirit Attachment?

Simple, Spirit attachment also know as possession is where a lost soul/ghost attaches there soul to you. So no matter where you go YOU are the haunted.

What do they want?

They simply want to continue with the life they had lived before there death.

These spirits are often lost or confused and don’t want to be dead so they “live” off of the energy of a living soul.

Who can get “attached” “possessed”

These ghosts aren't fussed whose soul they use, and can happen to anyone at anytime.

What sort of spirits attach themselves?

As in living people, there are nice and the not so nice dead people. Personalities are the same in death,so if an alcoholic ghosts attaches to a living person who doesn’t normally drink and starts to drink like a fish, that would be the ghost’s “possession” taking over and “living”

And again there are in death and in the living “people” who are intentionally harmful who purposely want to cause harm and mayhem.

How to know if you have an attached spirit?

If you think you may have a ghost who has taken a liking to you,but not sure, here’s a few “symptoms” of attachment to look out for.

The main ones to make you suspect that something has taken over you would be major personality changes.Was you once a happy go lucky person,and now a miserable old sod. Or maybe vice versa?

If you're a spiritual soul already you may be able to see the spirit and keep seeing the same spirit in different location.

Do you have itching fits? The feeling of nits/fleas, that comes on from nowhere, even without having nits or fleas?

Have you taken a liking (a bit too much) to alcohol or (not so much) to drugs? Which is totally out of your character.

How are your dreams? That’s when you do actually manage a good night's sleep. Are they completely bizarre, maybe a bit on the disgusting, bloody side? Or do you have thoughts of a sexual nature towards an “entity”?

Violent mood swings, that are aimed at anyone and anyone over nothing.

Illness. Are you ill all time, and in some cases it can be chronic and even death can occur.

Are you feeling exhausted and fatigued all the time?

Having just that “eerie” feeling that you and your home isn’t alone...?

And just feeling like you body is heavy and being suppressed “pushed down”.

Now, what to do if you are being haunted?

If you have a not so nice ghost and want rid of it, it’s really hard to send it on it’s way without any help.

The best thing you can do is to contact someone who can release the lost soul.

There are spiritual healers who can cleanse and heal with “Shamanism”. This practice is non intrusive and and will hopefully detach the spirit from you and give you back your life.   

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