Old Gila County Jail and Courthouse, Globe - Arizona, USA

Arizona is well known for its quirky little towns and hidden secluded gems and this old jailhouse fits beautifully under the weird and wonderful category, as this old jail is overflowing in creepy-ness and is the hot spot for paranormal activity!


The Old Gila county jail and courthouse was used as just that for 71 years and closed its doors to like-minded criminals in 1981.

Situated on E Oak Street in the little village of Globe the courthouse and jail over the years housed criminals from all warps of life. From young to old, male and female.

With one particular prisoner called Kingsley Olds.

In 1911 Kinsley Olds murdered 2 young innocent girls as they were playing and swimming in a nearby lake and was detained and awaiting his trial in the Old Gila Jail but before Olds could be sentenced and punished he was mysteriously shot in his cell.

As Olds was being nursed he told the nurses that he was being followed and stalked by the two girls that he had murdered, he claimed they were waiting for him to die, and die he did.


Was this the start of the Old Gila Jail hauntings?

 Or was the now over 100-year-old building haunted before Kinsley Olds gruesome crime?

Some believe that something evil within the jailhouse walls along with the vengeful murdered girls was to blame for the shooting of Olds, who knows but it appears that Olds was the instigator and stirred up and awoke something dark and sinister in this now historic building and the hauntings continued and grew over the years and even to this day this old building is reported to have ghostly and creepy haunting happenings so much so that every Halloween these doors open up to the public as a scary Halloween house.


Many paranormal investigation teams have been here to the Old Gila County Jail and Courthouse over the years including Zak and his team at Ghost Adventures and T.AZ.P.R.S aka the Arizona Paranormal Research Society along with many others.


ALL investigations carried out report of capturing creepy ghostly activity with EVPs EMA detectors, camera footage and physically hearing seeing and feeling the unseen entities.

T.AZ.P.R.S published a statement (which has since been removed) they claim that they recorded an audio of disturbing and quite frankly scary and dark voices and that the spirits would answer their questions via the audio or dropping of the temperature around them with cold spots.

 Throughout the investigation, they report of numerous hot and cold spots and hearing heavy loud footsteps. The investigation was conducted with no electricity which makes the high spikes of EMF (electromagnetic field) very interesting indeed.  

Many voices were heard in within the cells themselves of male and females and they claim that not only did the ghosts of Old Gila Jail physically mess around with there equipment the spirits actually physically touched and played around with them.


The evidence speaks volumes of this haunted building but how haunted is it?

 And what creepy happenings have actually occurred here?


The Ghosts

We already know about the two young girls that were murdered at the hands of Kinsley Olds.

Their spirits returned to taunt Olds as he lays there dying after his shooting but after his death, it appears that the girls' souls didn't move on as their full-bodied apparitions are seen by many walking around the cells and the courthouse.

There is another full-bodied apparition which is seen to walk across the bridge that connects the two buildings the jailhouse and courtroom, it is thought to be a prisoner who jumped to his death as he was lead across the bridge from his cell ahead of his sentencing. He died instantly as his body compounded the hard ground beneath him and many people say that they feel uneasy and a creepy feeling as a shudder comes over them as they stand under the bridge.


But you don’t have to physically see one of these ghosts to know that something is lurking there in the shadows.

There have been many reports, as well as being captured on audio tape of voices.

These voices are sometimes very obviously either male or female and even a child, but sometimes the voices and sounds are that of something far more terrifying and unrecognisable as anything from this world.

Some claim it’s the devil itself.


Is this the evil entity that possessed an innocent person to creep into Olds cell and shoot him? And is this the uneasy presence that makes the Old Gila feel at times a dark and shady place.

Many say that they feel that someone is following them around and sometimes they catch the shadow in the corner of there eye.

Heavy breathing is sometimes heard and even felt on the back of people necks sending their hairs on the spine stand on end.

The laughter of children is often heard in the cells themselves, or is the laughter, in fact, coming from something evil playing tricks on you?

Visitors report of feeling a cold gush of wind whizz past them and the sounds of heavy footsteps.


The footsteps can be anywhere and everywhere. Some experience them walk right past them and absolutely no one is there.

Hot and cold spots can come out of nowhere. You can be stood there and the temperature can change within a second.

Even you don’t see or hear one of these ghosts at the Old Gila County Jail and Courtroom then you will most likely be feeling one.

Nurmeros accounts of people claiming that something or someone touched there arm or leg or that they were shoved from behind by an unseen hand and sometimes even pinched.


With all this paranormal activity being reported by many of seeing, hearing and feeling these souls still the most creepy part of this building to some is the feeling that these walls sometimes oozes out.

Some say that they would rather see one of the ghosts here rather than experience the utterly terrifying feeling that comes over them.

Many people have frozen to the spot out of sheer terror and others have felt physically sick and some even claim that they start to feel enclosed by something heavy and dark surrounding them.

Needless to say, them folks didn’t return back for a second helping of the ghosts of Old Gila.


Where will you be going to this Halloween?