How to Summon A Demon

It can be tricky- but it is possible to Summon a Demon. Demons are some of the most commonly misunderstood things in the paranormal world.

How to communicate & summon Demons

Demons are some of the most commonly misunderstood things in the paranormal world. People either see them as terrifying, intentionally malevolent monsters or as the ironic bad asses of the spirit world. 

A Demon, or Daemon, is simply and only a spirit or entity that has never been alive in this place. In ancient greek mythology, they were considered to be a divinity or supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans, and this is rather accurate. They are neither good nor bad, just as a human is neither inherently good nor bad. That isn’t to say there aren’t badly behaved individuals or even whole groups out there, but the same can be said for us.

It may be directly because of these misconceptions that people commonly have about Demons that they are so well sought after in the paranormal world. All you have to do is post about a demon in your house online, and someone somewhere will very likely contact you in relation. When people are not on the lookout for pre existing demons, they are looking for ways to communicate with them- and this is where problems can happen, on both sides of the situation.

EMF pump

Do Not Call Demons Out

Sometimes, when people try to communicate with demons, they call them out, and this is very dangerous. When you call a demon out, you do not have any idea of where you are calling them from. It cannot be disputed that they must come from somewhere, but it is also arguable that demons do not come from the same place or plane as we do. 

They are creatures of another creator, and as such follow different rules. Sometimes, when you call a demon out, you are calling a demon to this place from wherever it is they come from, and when you do this, you are then responsible for it. 

You, by inviting it into your life, are making yourself responsible for whatever happens next and whatever may happen after. Demons, although strong when angered, are actually very weak until they need to defend themselves or until they become angry. For this reason, when a demon is called out, it cannot return to where it was unless you purposely send it back. 

That means if you are pulling it out of wherever it came from, it can’t get home until you send it back.  It is also very easy to call them to you if they are already on this plane, as they are always looking for someone to send them home.

If you fail to send it back, it will, inevitably, become angry with you, and frustrated by its own inability to get home on its own. This is where a lot of negative interactions come from. A relative of mine, who is also a medium, once called a demon through a mirror unintentionally, and was woken that night by the being, leaning up against the mirror it had been brought through and raking its nails down the glass. Realizing her mistake, she sent it back immediately. I have personally had a similar experience, accidentally inviting a demon in one night when very afraid, and not wanting to be alone.

But you do not have to even be the one who called them out to invoke their wrath, or presence. Once a demon realizes that it is stuck here, and that most people in this day and age do not want anything to do with the paranormal, and therefore will not help them, they will try to find a place to hide- be it a home, a business, someones attic, a car, anything will do- as long as they feel safe there and they feel that they will be able to gather energy either from the structure itself or from the people who inhabit the place. 

The main and best way for a demon to gather energy is by scaring people- and herein lies most of the cause of negative hauntings. They need energy to survive, and they need to get the energy in the easiest way possible- which is scaring people. It is the most effective method, not only because it gives a big boost of energy all at once, but also because people are afraid of what they do not understand. All a demon has to do is throw something, or knock on a wall, or wake someone up in the middle of the night to get a big dose of energy.

With that being said, we’ll move on now into how to communicate with them. That is, if you still want to. If you find that you do, there are a couple of different ways to do it.

Try Talking To The Demon

If you believe that you have a demon in your home already, you could try just talking to them. They are non human, and very strong when they need to be, but if you want to do it without having to give them a big dose of energy you’ll want to get something else to give them energy. While an EMF pump is massively effective, it can also make the situation very dangerous very quickly, because it is specifically designed to give them as much as they want. 

This is especially true if you think they may be annoyed with you. To avoid things getting too heavy too quickly, you could try a lamp with a bare bulb to begin with. This way, you will know if the spirit or demon is taking energy because the light will flicker. It is common for non human entities to vocalize or communicate via growling, grunting, and snarling.

Ouija board

Another way to go is to use a Ouija board. They can be made of anything- wood, cardboard, a piece of paper- but the most durable ones by far are those made of wood. Commonly sold and used as a toy or a game, they are actually anything but. They can become portals through which a spirit can easily communicate, either with you or with anyone who finds them. While they are effective, they can become dangerous, especially if you don’t know how to close the portal you open when you use them. 

There are some very important things you must know, if you suspect that your use of a ouija board may have caused a problem; never ever try to burn a ouija board. If the problem is caused by it as you suspect, it may just plain old not burn, much like Harold the doll. And, this will tick the spirits off. Also, if you try to get rid of the board and it keeps returning, do not under any circumstances try to use the board again. You open yourself up to possession by doing so- which is a whole new ball park, and requires serious help. 

Another thing to know is that if you are going to be foolish and use one, you must keep your hands on the board the whole time. Do not take your hands off. Do not let anyone you may be doing this with take their hands off even if you have to grab their hands and hold them down. When contact is broken, the portal closes…. with the entity still present. Before you break contact, tell the spirit or entity goodbye, firmly.

If you are Wiccan, or craft inclined like me, there is a much more effective way of calling a demon out. It is dangerous, and not for the faint of heart, nor is it for people who do not know what they’re doing when they sit down to cast. There are many variations of this spell out there, but this one in particular is a bit of Dark magick. I advise anyone who would seek to cast this to remember that whatever they send out using this spell- whether they are asking a demon to bother someone, help someone, or to do something for them- is going to come back at them, twisted, and three times as strong. 

Choose your request wisely, and make the wording as specific as possible. 

To cast this, you will need a specific demon in mind. Do not just pick an ambiguous term like “the devil”, “legion,” or leviathan. Many non human entities seem to associate themselves with these, and as such, many will respond and you WILL lose control of the situation. 

You will also need one red candle and one black candle, either rose scented or annointed with rose oil. You will need red wine for this spell, as well. Traditionally, and as I was taught, blood was used. However, I find that red wine works as well or better in most spells and it is more sanitary, easier to clean up, and reduces the risk of attracting something you don’t want.  You will also need a pentacle, which can be on an altar cloth, drawn on a piece of wood or paper, or be made out of something- any old way, as long as it is a pentacle. This, of course, is an upright star within a circle. It is for your protection, not for the benefit of the spell or the entity. Do not use the pentagram, being the upside down star in a circle, as this is the opposite representation and will end with you receiving harm.

This is best cast at night, on the night of or close to the night of the full moon, to give the spell the most power. Place the candles on either side of your pentacle. Light your candles, and cast a circle. To cast a circle, envision a bubble of light forming around your body and around the area you want to keep safe and free of the entity you want to talk to. This gives you a bit of a comfort zone. Imagine the bubble of light becoming hard, firm and unbreakable, much like the shell of an egg. You should at all times be inside it. The bubble may move with you if necessary, as long as you keep it present in your mind the whole time you are casting. No energies can come into your bubble, and no harm can come to you there. Do not forget that.

Once you have cast your circle and the candle is lit, sit down comfortably in front of the candle and recite;

Protect me now with all your might,

gracious goddess,

day and night.

Mind the threefold laws I will;

and do no harm, I will not kill.

I am stronger than fire, burning bright.

I am as wise as the earth, dependable and constant.

I am as intelligent as water, coursing through the veins of the world.

I am as changing as the wind, whistling through space and time.

(demon’s name) I call on you; come talk to me.

Rise from rest,

rise from death.

Rise from your hiding place

and join me in the dark.

Say this three times, and then using your left hand, take your vessel of wine and pour it in equal amounts over the flames of the candles, so that you are in the dark. When you are, say “so mote it be” at this point, you may receive an answer- or not. casting does not always work.

If it does, you will need to send the Demon back to where it came from when you are done. To do so, call on the crone. The crone is part of the triple goddess, and the guide for spirits into the afterlife. She is kind, and doesn’t judge anyone- not even demons. To call her and ask her to take the demon back again, simply say;

I call on you,

Oh crone, so wise.

Mother of the darkest night.

Take the demon now, away,

to his home for now to stay.

as I will, so mote it be.

At this point, you must turn the lights on immediately. If you fail to turn the light on within a minute after you say this, you run the risk of the demon, at least in part, remaining within your house. In any case, whether it works or not, do not relight the candles, ever again, and never ever use them for anything. 

Bundle them together in sacred cloth, take them far from your house, and bury them in the ground. They are contaminated with the energy of the demon now, and cannot be used safely again.