Horrors Are Real

Laughing Jack, a terrifying demon that is real and you cannot take lightly.

Horrors Of The REAL

Today, June 26, 2018 I, a 12-year-old girl realize that spirits and demonic spirits are real. That everything I have heard is real and was not a joke that I thought it was. I realize that evil spirits and demons can kill, destroy and more. On this day me, my friends Skylar, Kaitlyn, and Sienna find out about The Laughing Jack. My friend Skylar is the daredevil of the group and is never afraid of doing challenges like Bloody Mary, The Ouija Board, and more. Kaitlyn on the other hand is the smart one who knows about all these challenges but does not do them. Me and Sienna are the girls who are scaredy cats and just want nothing to do with it but end up getting involved. Anyway enough about us. Time for the real story. So Skylar says she has been hearing jack-in-the-box music. I told her that means Jack is after her. She plays his song on her phone and we listen. As soon as it ends, Skylar can still hear it.

She says she feels his spiritual body. She reaches her hand in the bus seat in front of her. She then reaches behind her saying it felt literally, ice cold. I didn’t really believe it, so i reached and then I felt the cold body of something. I freaked and realized something was up. I felt the spirit moving upward. The spirit moved into our seat and laughed in Skylar’s ear. Terrified, she cried while I was breathing quite heavily. We got off the bus shaken by the fact of Jack. I raced quickly to play pool in the gym but Skylar was in need of help, she could see so much spirits she kept passing out, crying and severely hyperventilating. I went to the spots she said she could she people in. Everyone of those spots was colder than ice.

I then went to the Ping Pong table and felt a sharp grab on my neck. I ran as fast as I could. A basketball then caught my eye, I stared at it. The ball started to shake lightly and then uncontrollably. I screamed and ran back to my friends. We then noticed that a ball with number 6 on it had moved. We placed this ball on the 2nd rack. Untouched by anyone it moved onto the 1st rack. With my own eyes I saw it, somewhat float to the 1st rack. The ball was faced up with the number 6. Again, I ran screaming.

After I left the gym with my Dad, my friend texts me that the ball was thrown out of Skylar’s hand landing on the side with the number 6. As I get over this, I hear footsteps in my garage. My friend then texts me that she is being choked and being hurt by Jack. Jack tells me how we will die, me in my friends. Kaitlyn will die in fire, Skylar will be tortured, I am unexplained. I’m honestly terrified for my life so everyday I beg God to help protect me with his hands. There is no science to explain this matter so how can this be explained? This is just another TRUE story that proves horrors are real.