Bobby Mackey’s music World - Wilder, Kentucky.

In a quiet little town in Kentucky sits this bustling Honky Tonk.
The real portal to HELL.

Not only is Bobby Mackey’s bustling with party goers but also with the aftermath of a sinister past of bloody murder, sadistic sacrifices, devil worshiping, slaughter, suicides and not to mention the headless ghost and evil possessions.


Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a popular honky tonk establishment in the little town of Wilder, Kentucky USA.

Built back in the 1850’s the building was originally a slaughterhouse.

The spilled blood from the sladed animals ran down a hole that was dug out in the centre of the basement, better known as the well, and the well is still in the centre of the basement of Bobby Mackey’s Music World and is the only original feature of the building that was once there and is thought to be a real portal to hell.

This is the portal to bloody hell.

How the bloody portal began.

After 40 years of slaying animals the slaughterhouse closed it’s doors in the 1890’s, only then to used by cults and sadistic devil worshipers who themselves slaughtered animals as a sacrifice and drained their blood down the already bloodied filled well.

 But as well as spilled animal blood a severed human head found it’s way down this horror well as well as numerous of murdered bodies.  


Pearl Bryan.

Pearl Bryan was a 22 year old local girl who came from a large and respectable family.

She was well educated and pretty and could have her pick of men.

She picked a young man who was also educated a dental student named Scott Jackson, unfortunately she picked wrong.

What Pearl did not know is that Scott was not only a dental student but he was also a sadists devil worshiper and was a member of a sadistic cult.

Pearl found herself pregnant by Scott and she confided in him and there friend William Wood.

Scott and William decided that Scott himself would try and abort the pregnancy in secret and at 5 months pregnant Pearl told her parents she was going to Indianapolis.

She lied.


Pearl bid farewell to her parents and her siblings and left her home for the very last time on February 1st 1896 and went to meet with Scott and his roommate Alonzo Walling in Cincinnati.

Alonzo also a dental student was going to help with the abortion.

Scott started the abortion by giving pearl cocain thinking this method would work.

It did not.

Scott then moved on and using his very limited dental skills along with his dental tools tried aborting the unborn baby surgically, again this did not work.

Pearl now in harrowing pain and gushing with blood was terrified.

Scott and his friend Alonzo decided to get Pearl to a more secluded location and moved a bleeding Pearl across the Idaho river and into a very quiet and secluded spot in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

This is where Scott and Alonzo brutally murdered Pearl.

With blunt and dirty dental tools and while Pearl was still very much alive and aware they severed her head from her body, the doctor who later examined her body confirmed that Pearl was alive when this brutal act was carried out due to the blood flow and loss.

The pregnant headless body of Pearl was found just 2 miles from the abandoned slaughter house and Scott Jackson and Alonzo Walling were soon arrested and tried for Pearl's murder.

During the trial it emerged that they had planned on chopping Pearls body up into smaller pieces and hiding her body parts in the sewer but they decided to stop at her head and leave her body to rot.

Locks of Pearls pretty blonde hair was found hidden in a jar in the bedroom of her boyfriend Scott jackson, but her head was nowhere to be found and still remains undiscovered to this very day.

It is thought however that Scott had plans for the severed head.

Scott was a member of the disturbing sadistic cult and used the slaughterhouse as there meeting place and frequently used the well in the basement for their animal sacrifices and devil worshiping.

Scott had a bigger and better gift for the devil and it’s rumoured that he sacrificed Pearls head, adding it to the bloodied well.

Both Scott and Alonzo were found guilty of Pearl’s murder and were offered a lifeline.

Instead of being executed they would serve the rest of there life in prison if they told them where her head was.

Neither of the men would talk and reveal where or what had happened to her head.

They were sent to the gallows on March 21st in 1897 where they were the last people to be hanged in Campbell County.


The slaughterhouse remained empty and was used by the homeless and cult groups still carried out their rituals down in the basement.

The building was torn down a few years later but the basement being underground remained.

On the site of the slaughterhouse a new roadhouse was built and it wasn’t long before the roadhouse became the place to avoid.

It was an illegal gambling and drinking establishment and there are many rumours of murders that took place here. With no bodies ever found, it is thought that the dead were dumped down the well in the basement.


A few years on and the empty building once more was now to become a thriving tavern and casino.

Purchased by E.A “Buck” Brady in 1933, the newly established business was a thriving success that is until gangsters and mobs wanted to take over the casino as there own.

They would threaten and beat up the innocent clients and would not leave Buck alone.

Buck ended up in a shootout with Albert “Red” Masterson, one of the gang members.

Buck went to prison for the shooting and on his release years later he vowed that never again would a casino be successful there.


Buck committed suicide but before he took his own life Buck sold his business and in the early 1950’s “Latin Quarter” opened it’s doors.

Now a nightclub to all, and a hush hush gambling establishment for the invited few.

The word of the illegal gambling club got out to the local authorities and soon the police turned up and shut the place down. But that wasn’t before yet another murder and a double suicide that took place in the old slaughterhouse.

Johanna a cabaret dancer at the club and the daughter of the clubs owner fell pregnant from one of the singers that worked at the club.

For Johanna she was in love, but her father was having none of it. She was young and foolish and things needed to be taken care of.

Johanna's father knew people and had connections and paid to have her lover murdered.


Heart broken and full of rage young Johanna wanted revenge and poisoned her father and then continued her rampage on herself and her unborn child.

Her 5 months gone pregnant dead body was discovered down on the basement floor next to the slaughterhouse well.


So if now your thinking that this place is really cursed, then you could be right.

Even more blood shed and death continues to happen in this once slaughterhouse.

After the closure of the Latin Quarter it was soon to be taken over and become The Hard Rock Cafe in the 1970’s but only 8 years later it was shut down due to more bloody murders that happened under the shelter of the slaughterhouse’s well.

Then in 1978 Bobby Mackey the country singer and his wife Janet bought the deserted building and Bobby Mackey’s music world was born, and still to this day Bobby Mackey’s is a well established and thriving nightclub and Honky Tonk.


Ghosts of Bobby Mackey’s.

Some say this place is America’s most haunted building and has been investigated by a vast number of paranormal teams including Ghost Adventures and has featured on tv shows such as Most terrifying places in America and Haunted lives - True ghost stories as well as the the Mackey’s featuring on American chat shows.

It is thought that once Bobby Mackey’s opened his bar and the basements well was discovered and opened they opened a portal to hell making way for all things sinister, dark and evil along with the souls of the murdered.


Over the years there have been many reports of ghostly activity that it’s pretty hard even for the sceptic to not believe that something is here.

Staff and many of the customers have all seen or felt something.

Many report of seeing a headless apparition of a woman who just appears before them or you glimpse it in the corner of your eye just passing by and there’s no doubt who this spirit could be other than the murdered Pearl Bryant who had her head cut off by her lover and his friend.

One of the other frequent ghosts of the Bobby Mackey’s is believed to be Johanna the cabaret dancer who poisoned her father then killed herself.

You may smell her rather than see her as many people report of a strong rose scent that swooshes passed them another one of her ghostly tricks is to turn the jukebox on and play songs from her era and if she’s in a real playful mood she calls out your name across the room.

Above are actual photots taken at Bobby Mackey's.

There are also many reports of different male ghosts that like to hang about Bobby Mackey's, some bigger than others and some are seen as shadows and others appear in a hazy mist.

No one knows for sure who these spirits are but with many murders and suicides that took place here it would be no surprise if there were a few lost souls wandering here.

As well as physically seeing the ghosts many people who come to this Honky Tonk establishment will experience actual physical contact.

Many people report of having their arm stroked when no one else is standing there, others report of coming over faint and sick and a general sense of feeling unwell.

Many say they can smell an awful stench that comes and goes and makes them want to vomit and most feel a very uneasy and scared.

There is often a strong sense that someone is watching you from the corner of the room.


There a few reports of different people reporting that they were possessed while being at Bobby Mackey’s.

Some claim that their faces actually looked morphed and changed shape as well as feeling something or someone surge through there body with a freezing chill and having absolutely no control of what was happening to them.

The first case of possession happened to the caretaker Carl lawson.

Lawson over the years reportes that he was a victim of physical attacks by un foreseen apparitions and would often have marks and scratches over his body.

Lawson also claims that his body was taken over by something evil and on more than one occasion.

Carl Lawson and the Bobby Mackey’s building underwent an exorcism which was performed by Reverend Glenn Coe on the 8th August 1991 and was witnessed and video documented by an independent witness Hensley.

The exorcism appeared to have worked, or so they thought.

Things were quite at Bobby Mackey’s music world for a while but over the years the creepy happenings and unexplained tauntings once again began.

Zak and the team from Ghost Adventures done there famous Lockdown here and Zak himself found himself under the influence of a sinister spirit, as well as being attacked and gathering yet more evidence to prove that there is more to Bobby Mackey’s than live music and line dancing.

Check out some EVP caught by the team below.

Bobby himself never believed in ghosts and certainly didn't believe that his premises were haunted even with his wife Janet experiencing first hand and seeing the spirits herself.

Well, that was until finally Bobby had no choice but to accept that he was sharing his nightclub with ghosts and other entities.

He decided to build a new Honky Tonk next door to his current haunted building but soon changed his mind after talking the plans over with a builder when a big piece of the ceiling fell on his head and it turned out that the bloodied well from the basement actually runs under where the new building would be anyway.


Bobby Mackey’s is still open to the public today and is still giving it’s customers a night of fun, laughter, dancing, music and of course the ghosts and spirits from the portal of hell.

So if you're in Kentucky and fancy a good night out, why not set foot into bobby Mackey’s music world and you might be footloose with more than just line dancing.