What is an Exorcism

Everything you need to know about an Exorcism, what it means & the religious that perform these.

What does the word Exorcism mean?

Exorcism - binding by Oath, from Greek ἐξορκισμός, exorkismos.

Exorcism basically means to exorcise the devil, to evict, castout, the the spirit, demon or even satan himself who has possessed a person or place.  

What is an Exorcism?

An exorcism is very much a religious practice, where the devil or demon is “exorcist” (removed) from the person or place it has decided to possess.

The ritual of exorcism is ancient and is performed all over the world by different religions, and each religion have different ways to perform the exorcism and use different tools and techniques .

But no matter the difference in the ritual, the principle is all the same, to outcast the devil.


Signs that an Exorcism is required, and where to get one?

If you have a haunting that is progressing, and not in a good way and is not of the usual “ghostly” going on, then a normal talking to may not be enough to get it or them to leave.

If once a friendly spirit had turned into a nasty one and is now also being physical and taunting, then you may have more than the just the everyday ghost living with you.

A poltergeist or even a demon may have taken a liking to someone in the home.

Is there one individual in the home who is off sorts? Acting a bit weird?..are they being more grumpy and aggressive than usual? as well as coming out in unexplained bruises and or scratches? and having frequent headaches and even being to speak in another language just like magic?

Then the chances are that an exorcism would be the way to go forward.  

If you think you need an exorcism, then contacting your local church is the first step to getting help.


Who performs the Exorcism and how?

As in all exorcisms, the possessed person is NOT evil, but the evil lies within. No violence is used against the victim, but the victim can be restrained for safety of themselves and others.

If you're a Christian then an “Exorcist” will be required to perform the exorcism. In most Christian exorcisms the “Exorcist will be a high ranking member of the church, or someone with special spiritual powers.

The “Exorcist” evokes the help and powers of different “Angles” and “Archangels” Such as “St Michael”, “God” and “Jesus christ”

As well as evoking the powers of above to help with the “exorcism” the “exorcist” will say prays with the holy bible and use other aids such as “Amulets” “symbols” and “Gestures” to help outcast the demon.

Catholic Exorcisms can only be performed by a priest and has to have the permission first by the bishop, unless the priest is performing a baptism.

The priest will perform the “catholic rite for exorcism” which consists of the priest wearing his purple stole and he will invoke “God” and the “Archangel Michael” to intervene with the exorcism, and by saying a series of prayers and may use sacramentals and icons.

Judaism Exorcisms are carried out by a Rabbi, and only a rabbi who has mastered “Kabbalah” can do so. He will have help of ten men known as “Minyan”. The possessed person will be surrounded by “Minyan” while they recite “Psalm 91” the rabbi will get the demon to loosen itself from the possessed by blowing his “Shofa” (a rams horn) in different tones, and the rabbi, once he believes the demon is loose will ask it questions as to why he has possessed this body and will demand the demon to leave.

Islamic Exorcism an Exorcism is known as ruqya. Ruqya is the supposed treatment for black magic. The possessed person lays on the floor while the tribe leader known as a “Sheikh” places his hands on the possessed head while reading prays from the “Quran”, as well as sprinkling the possessed or making he/she drink water from “zamzam well” which is holy. In some cases cream is applied to the possessed which is un perfumed and daily prayers are said.

These rituals will go and until the demon has evacuated the victim, but the prayers and cleansing will continue for weeks after to ensure the devil doesn't return.