Top Haunted hotels of texas

Fancy sharing your bed with a ghost? The check out these haunted hotels.

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn, San Antonio, Texas

The “Ghost Adventures” crew captured some spooky happenings at San Antonio's Black Swan Inn

First up, the Victoria’s Black Swan Inn, San Antonio, Texas. It’s no surprise that this place is seriously haunted as it’s located on the most haunted spots in San Antonio, Texas.

This place is oozing with history and is home to many lost souls who battled to there death in the Battle of Salado  in 1842, and then there’s the spirits who got brutally killed by Mexican soldiers in the Dawson Massacre, that’s not all the bloody history here… It’s also site to many suicides and murders, it’s also a site where Native American carried out their rituals, it is believed that men, woman and even children who killed over the 35 acres of land.

Not all ghosts are friendly, as in this case! There are many reports of guests staying at the Inn who have been frightened out of their wits and have left in the middle of night.. They say that a deep dark male voice shouts at them in the night to “Get out Now” .. I wouldn't hang about either, would you?.. Another guest had reported that he was actually threatened by this dark soul, this entity said he was going to “Kill you” to which the man fled the Inn.

Is this the same dark apparition who is seen as a huge dark shadow in the library.. This dark ghost has been seen in here on a few occasions..the reports on this souls is that he is not a nice spirit and glows at you with red eyes.

If you do stay here, then tuck the blanket in nice and tight as many guests have reported of their blankets being taken from them in the middle of the night, and some of the visitors have even been pinched on there legs.

Infact it’s that haunted that Zak, Nick and Aaron from the hit tv show “Ghost Adventures” took their paranormal ghost hunting equipment and did an in depth investigation here.

So if you choose to visit here, have your battery for your camcorder fully charged and your evp recorder at the ready.

The Historic Jefferson Hotel, Jefferson, Texas

This old beauty of a building has been around since the 1800’s and has seen many things within its grand walls. Once a Cotton warehouse, and even a brothel. This piece of history  was built where Caddo Indians once built there straw homes for their communities to live in.

There’s not one just room in this hotel that houses a ghost, pretty much every room here has a live in spirit with many reports of paranormal activity from guests.

But it's not just the rooms that harbor the “Jefferson’s ghosts” the whole place is a paranormal playground.

There have been so many different ghostly goings on here, that the hotel have a special guest book, that invited there visitors to share their spooky stories for others to read!

One report that is often repeated from many people staying here is of their closet doors in the guest rooms opening and then closing all by themselves...with no windows open in the room for it to of been a gush of wind...and a gush of wind is another report by many for the hotel.. Many people have been walking down of the corridors and staircase and have have the experience of something or someone just whoosh past them,and then there's the unexplained cold spots..which just a moment ago was a warm spot..again with no windows or doors open for it be the outside wind.

Is this the ghost of a petite smiley blonde woman who has been seen roaming the corridors..she has been seen floating up the hall and down the staircase one minute and then just disappears into thin air..or could it be the spirit of a man who wears a long coat and long boots, who just doesn’t go away when told...This pesky soul was reported to the hotel by a couple and their young son, after a night time of rude awakenings from him.

Or perhaps it’s one of the other live in ghosts of the hotel who can be heard but not seen making weird and strange noises at all different times of the day and night and in different locations of the hotel.

With so much paranormal activity going on here there it’s no surprise that paranormal investigation teams have been to the “Jefferson Hotel”.. And they have not been disappointed with their finding..if only there cameras hadn’t been purposely switched off by “no one” to show their proof.

Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

With 316 exquisite guest room to choose from at this historic place, you can take your pick of the rooms,and with reportedly over 35 resident ghosts the possibility of you bumping into a being of the night are there are a few ghosts here who here who are not shy, and might take a pick of “their” guests to say boo too!

The Menger Hotel was build on a brewery site back in 1859, and as more guests from the brewery wanted more places to put their fuzzy heads, the hotel extended..twice in total to what it is today.. One of the users of the bar here was and still is, is Theodore Roosevelt..This is where he would recruit his men for the Spanish American war. The ghost of “Teddy” has been seen many times in the Menger bar by visiting guests.. He’s reported to be sat at the bar with a drink just minding his own business...Another frequent spirited visitor of the Menger Hotel is reported to be a Captain..”Richard King”... This Captain was such a frequent guest in his living life that he had his own personal suit at the hotel which he still often visits, he is clearly seen floating through the walls.

Then there’s a knitting ghost. The lady spirit is seen very often, knitting away in the main lobby of the hotel, her apparition is that clear that people have often spoken to her..but her response is always the same  “No” before then vanishing into thin air.

Another verbal spirit who says a lot more than just no.. was seen to be having an argument, with whom tho as  there was no else there? This irate soul demanded to know if this unseen person was going to stay or go?.and then faded off into nothing.

The kitchen staff at the hotel has some unpaid helpers, but not sure how helpful floating cooking utensils can be.

But the most “unliving” visitor of the Menger Hotel is that of a lady spirit. She’s believed to be the murdered chambermaid who once worked at the hotel, it’s reported that it was her husband who killed her after a heated argument. Sallie the spirit is seen all the time carrying fluffy clean towels up and down the corridors of where she once worked still in her old work uniform.

There are many more lost souls here, and some are thought to be the men who died in the Battle Of The Alamo.  it’s been reported that there heavy foot falls can be heard throughout the hotel.

OTT Hotel, Liberty, Texas

When the OTT Hotel was taken over in 2002, it soon became very apparent that the new owners had not only taken on living paying guests but also the dead un paying kind.

Soon as the new occupants of the OTT Hotel started to spruce up this old historic hotel,which was onced owned by the Ott family, strange and spooky things started to happen!

First came the usual reports of ghostly activity like doors opening and then slamming themselves shut with no explanation..then came the heavy footsteps that could be heard wandering through the wooden floored hotel, all the staff who heard this was all present in the same room. An argument broke out in one of the rooms between a man and a woman, when staff went to calm the situation, they opened the door to find no one and nothing but an empty quiet room.

As time went on, the OTT ghosts made themselves even more known by being seen.. There’s more than a few reports from guests and staff of a lady ghost wearing a long white gown along with a male ghost who is a tall, thin figure in a dark coat...the list of the visual apparitions goes on..A lady with a glam fashion sense with red fiery hair is also a familiar appearance.

But the spookiest of these alive spirits has to be the man who stands at the bottom of your bed watching you sleep.

So if you stay here be sure to take lots of photos..many guests at the OTT have captured unexplained lights and shadows and floating orbs on there cameras.

Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas

Watch out for your belongings if staying in the Driskil. Many guests have reported having their clothes rearranged for them, nice and neatly on their bed whilst taking a shower,one of these guests is reported to be the singer Annie Lennox...others have had the pleasant or unpleasant experience of a ghostly face appear before them in the hotel rooms mirror.

The most disturbing reports come from guests who have stayed in room “525”..this room is host to not one but two suicides..both of them brides on their honeymoon night within a year of each other.. These lady ghosts have been seen floating around the room in there white wedding dresses..along with re occurring problems with the lights.

Occasionally objects that belonged to the dead or has a connection can become “haunted” as is the case with a painting that hangs on the fifth floor of the hotel, of a young girl named Samantha.

The young Samantha sadly fell to her death in the Driskill Hotel at just 4 years of age. Staff and guests of the hotel experience weird feeling and mixed emotions when looking at the painting...Some express feeling of “lightness” as if they're floating and others feel violently sick and dizzy and exhausted.

It’s also reported that the sounds of a child playing in the hotel is that of Samantha” playing with ball.

Haunted Painting Driskill Hotel

Haunted Painting Driskill Hotel