Tombstone, Arizona,USA.

Tombstone, the creepiest ghost town of the wild west.

This quiet little town in Arizona may be small, but it’s huge on history.

And when the history involves cowboy shoot out, seedy brothels, and shady poker, with vast amounts of blood spillage, then there’s no shock to discover that there maybe a few lingering ghosts still roaming this wild west town of Tombstone!  

A brief history to this creepy town.

This historic little western town “Tombstone” in Arizona, was founded by “ Edward Schrieffer” back in 1879.

Ed rolled up to this small western boom town, which was scarcely populated with only a few dollars to his name. “Ed” soon fell on some luck when he discovered that right under his feet lay loads of undiscovered silver.

So the mining of silver began and saw this little town go from just 100 residence to 14,000 in just 7 years, so as the population grew, so did the crime, and saw the rise in outlaws and prostitutes.

Picture of the silver mine works.

O.K Corral shootout.

The most famous gunfight in America's wild west history.

As the town now was bustling and rich with silver, there were a few groups who wanted to claim the town as there own. The “Earp brothers", Wyatt, Virgil, and Morgan along with “Doc Holiday” and the town sheriff “Johnny Behan” were the towns lawmen.

There were two cowboys “Ike Clanton” and “Tom Mclaury” who arrived in Tombstone the day before the famous shootout for business, and had a few violent run ins with the “Earp brothers” the evening before.

The following morning “Billy Clanton” Ike’s brother arrived in town along with Tom’s brother "Frank Mclaury", aswell as their friend “Billy Claibourne”. They all went to the saloon for a drink or two where they were told that their friends had been pistol-whipped the following evening by the “Earps”

Now boiling with anger, Billy and Frank vowed revenge and the O.K Gunfight commenced.

On Wednesday 26th October 1881 at 3.00pm the “Earp brothers” and “Holliday” spotted the 5 cowboys at the back of O.K Corral and in an instance 30 rounds were fired in just 30 seconds.

“Billy Clanton”- DEAD, shot point blank in the chest.

“Tom Mclaury”- DEAD, shot in the chest.

“Frank Mclaury- DEAD, shot in the stomach.

“Virgil Earp”- WOUNDED

“Morgan Earp”- WOUNDED

“Doc Holiday”- WOUNDED

“Ike Clanton”- Ran for the hills, as did “Billy Claibourne”

Johnny Benham witnessed the gunfight and actually charged his own lawmen the “Earp brothers” and “Holiday” with murder, but the men got found not guilty as the court found the men's actions to be lawful.

The ghosts of Tombstone.

Tombstone has lots of residence ghosts located all over this little town, so what a better place to start than with the town's very own cemetery!

Tombstone has lots of residence ghosts located all over this little town, so what a better place to start than with the town's very own cemetery!

Named “Boot Hill Graveyard” for a good reason!.. When the cowboys dropped to their death, they were buried here fully suited and booted.

This graveyard is up there with the creepiest of the creepiest.

It’s home to the “Earp brothers” and “Maclaury” and “ Clanton” as well as to the other dead residence of Tombstone, from murderers to the murdered.

Boot Hill is open to the public to roam freely around during the daytime, but come night, the gates are locked and closed to ALL, and for a good reason. There are many reports of ghostly goings on in here, along with photos and videos to go along with the claims.

"To the right of the shoulder there is a "ghost". No body else was present when this photo was taken, this is one of the most famous of Tombstone's ghosts caught on camera"

With many reports of “shadows” in human form lurking from bushes and misty figures coming out from the graves as well as photos of unexplained figures of “people” No one really knows who these “boot hill” ghosts are or how many of them there are, but one thing is for sure, you wouldn't want to be locked in here over night.

Bird Cage Theater.

The Birdcage Theater was the saloon to be seen in.

From watching a performance in the theater, to a game of poker with a drink or two, and not to mention the ladies of the night.

With over 24 reported deaths in the “Bird Cage theater” with over 140 bullet holes in the walls, this theater makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand from the minute you walk in.

The most gruesome of murders took place in here, one example is when two prostitutes got into a brawl, one got the upper hand by repeatedly stabbing the other in her chest with the sharp heel of her stiletto.

"The murderess prostitute"

The stiletto was found a whole century later behind the theater and is now on display there along with other old and maybe haunted memorabilia.

There have been loads of reports of ghostly goings on in here from seeing many of the prostitutes floating by and cowboys with their hats.   

But things get even more creepy. These spirits like to get physical with the living, there's many reports of people being touched, as is the many reports from people claiming to have been pushed from behind when no one was there.

This old theater may not be the bustling night spot it once was, or is it?

Come night time you can hear lively music and laughter, even when it’s shut

O.K Corral

Once, the death place of many real life cowboys and the place of the famous “Gunfight”.

Now, a busy steak house with still “real life cowboys” but these old cowboys are seen to appear out of nowhere and disappear into thin air.

Ever seen a ghosts with a gun?

There are many reports of cowboy ghosts being seen in and around the O.K Corral, and some of these cowboys have been seen pulling a gun, but is the gun loaded? Maybe best not to find out, so if you come face face to face with one of these armed ghosts, it’s probably in your best interest to be nice.

Burford House.

If you're visiting Tombstone, then you might need somewhere to spend the night, so how about “Burford House” Bed and Breakfast.

But LADIES be warned, there is a jilted Groom ghost who likes to make sure he is not forgotten.

The lonely ghost here is named “George Daves” and used to live in Burford house in the early 1800’s. His love, who lived across the street from him was called “Pietra” George shot his cheating love Pietra after he saw her walking home one might arm in arm with another man.

 He fired his revolver 4 times, twice at “Petra” and then himself. He was found dead lying in a pool of blood in the dirt with a hole in his head, but Petra survived to tell the tale.

George is known to flick the lights on and off and knock on the walls, and he even rings the doorbell at 3.00am.

His dark shadow of a figure is seen in the hallway of the house, and his face has apparently been seen mirrors on numerous occasions.

However, that’s nothing!

Lady visitors have reported to having a “slap” on their backside, and gentle strokes to there necks.

But one lady guest at the Burford had more than her fair share of “ George”, as she woke up in the middle of night with the sensation of electricity running right through her body, and then her bed covers being thrown off. No one was there!

Nellie Cashman's Restaurant.

One of Tombstones most beloved buildings, due to the fact that “Nellie Cashman” the owner back in the early 1800’s was such a highly respected lady of this town, that no one would say a bad word against her or her food, if they did then they would have a gun drawn on them.

Still an established restaurant to this day, so maybe worth a visit for a bite to eat, but a word of warning for the non believer of “Ghosts” don’t make a joke about the “others” as they WILL bite back, as has been the case on more than one occasion.

One lady skeptic made a jokingly, taunting comment about the ghosts of “Nellie Cashman's”  and her response came not from her dining buddy, but from an invisible source, who thought it would be funny to throw the mustard bottle at her and leaving her in a lovely mess.The same happened to two more taunters, to which one had the pleasure of ketchup and the other water from a tea pot!

Apart from that, this spirit is not an aggressive one in the slightest, but it just likes to play jokes on the staff.

On many occasions the staff have come to work in the morning to find objects have swapped places and moved, and quite often you can hear mumbling voices when no one is there. So is there more than one ghost here?

You also might need a jacket, as the temperature can be hot one minute and freezing the next.  

Schieffelin Hall.

“Built in 1881 by Albert Schieffelin, the brother of Edward, the founder of Tombstone”

Now, a multi function hall, for council meetings, small plays and productions as well as local functions.

But once this hall was a high class theater with lush velvet drop down curtains, and splendid works of art that hung from the walls. Formal balls were held here also. This hall was the piece-de-resistance of halls, ranging from El Paso, right up to San Francisco. People would travel from all over to come here.

In the later years, after a fire broke out and scorched the lush building the hall was then mostly used by the Mansions until it became unrepairable.

When this building was restored, the ghosts of the hall also had a restoration.

It's reported that “Schieffelin Hall” is actually one of the most haunted places in Tombstone.

Many visitors to the hall have heard weird and creepy sounds of “rattling chains” and heavy footfalls with cowboy spurs. There is one report that a whole group of people, on a tour of the hall all experienced the same spooky happening of the eerie rattlings. And whenever there is a council meeting here, there is ALWAYS loud unexplained spooky goings on, from the chain rattling to even muffled shouts.

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon.

Another one of Tombstone haunted restaurants!

But “Big Nose Kate’s” wasn't a restaurant back in its day, this now busy wildwest saloon, used to be a high class hotel, which as well as having the “Earp brothers” as residents and other high flyers, Big Kate's had another live in resident named “swamper” he wasn’t a high flyer like the others, but he was the handy odd job man for the hotel, and his living quarters was in the basement under the hotel itself.

“Swamper” in his spare time dug a secret tunnel from the basement to the silver mine, and over time managed to acquire a few sneaky silver nuggets.

There was a fire and the hotel didn't survive, but the underground basement did, along with one of the long bars which is in full use today at the restaurant, but that’s not all what survived.

"Swamper's bedroom down in the basement, showing his secret tunnel leading to the silver mine"

“Swamper” is just as alive now as he was then, but in his spirit form.

His apparition is seen in many photos taken from guests, and if you're not lucky enough to get his personal picture, you might be lucky enough to see him roaming the halls and basement, it’s thought that he’s still protecting his buried silver, which is claimed to still be under “Big Nose Kate’s” somewhere. Many people who walk the original tunnel from the basement to the mine, report of hearing loud footsteps behind them, but no one else is there, when photos are taken, a creepy mist is often in the photo which wasn’t there at the time.

As well as “Swamper” the ghost, this restaurant has it’s very own original cowboys whose ghostly figures are seen sat up at the bar, and roaming around,  loud laughter is often heard, as well as silverware moving all by themselves. And hot and cold spots that comes and go out of nowhere.

On one occasion, one of these cowboy ghosts knocked over a barrel of beer in the cellar, maybe he had one to many.

And if you think mannequins are creepy as they are, then imagine seeing these life sized plastic dolls move by themselves, of course it’s not the mannequins that have come to life, but more of the playful ghostly cowboys moving them.

Tombstone town.

Even just taking a stroll around this old “wildwest” town might get yourself a run in with a ghost.

These streets are littered with free roaming spirits.

Many “cowboys” have been seen just walking around the streets, and some have been seen to just vanish into thin air as they cross the road.

A lady figure is also seen wandering aimlessly, apparently she was a “Madam” who was hanged, is she out looking for her murderer to get her revenge.    

Tombstone is definitely the place to visit if you want a spooky get away!

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