How to use an ouija board

The spirit board has been around since the 1800s and to this day is widely used by not just mediums and ghost hunters but by everyday people like me and you who want to make a connection with the spirit world.

But the Ouija board or spirit board as some like to call it is not a toy or a game and should be given the utmost respect when dealing with it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it so here at Creepy ghost stories were giving you the low down on EVERYTHING ouija.

From a brief history and where it came to be, who uses it and why, tools to help the ouija be successful for you and the most important, how to be safe and to keep safe before during and after a session, the rules of play.

A brief history

Before the Ouija board as we know it today as a board with letters, numbers and the yes and no along with the pointer it was slightly different back in the good old days. Mediums would use other devices to communicate to the other side, one object being a heart shape planchette with wheels on and a pencil. The paying customers would place their hands on the planchette and the medium would ask questions, the planchette would wheel itself to a board or paper and would write a response.

Not the best or accurate device to get a message across and most of the time the message was unreadable, so someone had the genius idea of putting the alphabet along with yes, no and 0 -10 on a board and scraping the wheelie pancetta and pencil and replacing it with pointer (a pancetta without the wheels) and tada the ouija board was born.

The name ouija

Before the Ouija was given that name it was just known as the talking board back then, the word ouija comes from the Ancient Egyptian era and means good luck, a very apt name given to a board that communicates to the dead.

And who got to the name this spirit board ouija?

Itself. Of course,

In 1981 the founder of the board Charles Kennard and his sister asked the board what shall we call you and it spelled out the letters OUIJA.

And it became patented as ouija and known as that ever since.

A few fun facts

The Ouija board turned out to be very popular and over 3 million boards were sold in the early 1900s, but it was wasn’t just popular in the commercial ghostly world, many people bought an Ouija board for their homes so they too could try and connect with the spirit world and talk to their loved ones.

In fact, the ouija board was that sort after that more copies were sold than the timeless classic game monopoly in one year.

However, after the release of the 1973 film the exorcist, many of these boards were burnt as the owners were scared to what they might allow into their homes, some people even had their homes blessed and cleansed by the local priest, just in case.

The Ouija board today.

Today the ouija board is used just in the same way as it was back then. To communicate with spirits, and is still hugely popular within the spiritualist community. Some mediums, physics and modern-day witches still avidly use the spirit board as their main means of talking to the other side.

What is different now though, is that many people don’t believe in the powers of the Ouija board and are a skeptic of ghosts and anything else paranormal including the devil and demons so the spirit board has become somewhat of a game.

A game which is most popular played after dark just to see if anything does happen.

This is a dangerous game to play and there are many reports of demonic aftermath for the players, things can go very wrong so it’s vital to follow the rules.

Before I get to the rules there are a few things that you can do to ensure that yourself and your other participants are in a controlled environment, place of warmth and safety before you begin.

Things to do and know before you begin.

Step 1 - find your sacred space, it doesn’t have to anywhere special but somewhere that you feel happy and where you won’t be distracted by anyone barging in or background noise, you want somewhere quiet and peaceful

Step 2 - Protection. Once you know where you're going to be doing the Ouija board it’s time to protect yourself and your surroundings.

If your going to be using protection crystals and other aids lay them out around you and start some meditation, envision your body and the crystals bubbled within a bright light and hold it there, then extend that light and fill the whole space, call upon your spiritual guides and angels for their guidance and protection.

Step 3 - Be prepared before you start, know what you want to ask and with whom you want to communicate with, and set your boundaries, spirits can be tricksters and lack of confidence and experience can be dangerous as you don’t know who you will be dealing with.

Unknown spirits can and will try and enter your space so if something doesn’t feel right or if you're in doubt ask for your angels and guides to help filter these spirits out, your guides can be used as a gateway between you and the spirits.

Step 4 - Be patient and take your time. Most people don’t get any communication the first time around but don’t let that dishearten you. Ask your questions to the spirits and leave a little gap between questions, ensure that everyone around you is calm and quiet as this will hinder the session if there are certain people that are fearful or unrespectful.

Be prepared and open-minded to any answers you receive.

Messages don’t just come verbally, although this does happen, be open to all your senses.

Be aware of changes to the air around you, your gut feeling is rarely wrong so if you feel someone is there with you, they probably are and you may get tingly sensations over parts of your body and just feel different. And of course, keep an eye on the pointer.

Now on to the most important ouija rules of play

These rules are not to be skipped and are there not only to ensure you get the best out of your session but for your safety before, during and after.

These are the ultimate rules and must be followed.

1 - Protect yourself, when using the board if at any time you feel something is wrong and sense a negative presence around you, surround yourself in the bright meditive light.

2 - Don’t use the board alone unless your a pro and even then do so with caution. The more good positive energy within the room will help protect against any negative or mischievous spirits from crossing over.

3 - Always say goodbye. When you have finished your session ALWAYS let the spirits know that you have finished with the session and thank them and say goodbye. Even if you didn’t think you had any communication, messages or connection, always end the session thanking them for the time and saying goodbye, you may even want to ask them to leave your space until next time. Just because you didn’t have any signs of the spirits does not mean they weren’t there, and you don’t know who was there, so best to polite.

4 - Cleanse the space. Once you have put your ouija board away it’s time to clean the air from any energy, you can use incense, candles, crystals and sage and even a little meditation surrounding yourself in the light again. And saying a mantra such as I rid this room of negativity and fill it with light and love. Or any positive energy thoughts that you like.

Now that you know the rules of play, have fun, be safe and remember that making a connection to the spirit world can take time and practice and not all messages are spoken so be vigilant of all your senses and be sure to follow the rules.