Haunted places in Jacksonville, Florida - Part 2

We continue to look at the haunted places in Jacksonville. Have you visited or have heard a story about any of these places?

San Marco Movie Theatre, Jacksonville

When you're out for the evening for a bite to eat and movie at the San Marco Theatre glance your eyes away from the big screen for a moment and you might be able to catch a look at the old manager who is reported to haunt here.

He died in the office here and even tho his body has since been long gone, it appears his soul remains. A shadow of a man is seen often at night wandering the theatre and office.

Old St Luke’s Hospital and Casket Factory, Jacksonville

If only walls could speak, these walls would be screaming.

This old building dating back to 1878 has seen its fair share of tragedy, from being used to nurse the people of Jacksonville who were struck down with the epidemic of yellow fever in 1888, then yet another epidemic just 10 years later of typhoid and if that wasn’t enough, the great fire of 1901, one of Florida's most tragic events in history.

But before it became a coffin factory and warehouse, it was used as a school for nurses.

The building has been unused and vacant for a number of years now, and you have to ask yourself why?

Maybe it's because all of it's ghost it harbours.

There are many reports here of seeing ghostly apparitions of nurses roaming the building and halls as well as the spirits of their sick and dying patients.

Carriage House Apartments - Chelsea Courtyards, Jacksonville

If you fancy living here in this housing complex, then apartment 40 is more than likely available, but only if you don't mind sharing your space with a poltergeist.

For many years appartement 40 has been used as a storage facility due to the fact that no one wants or can live here.The naughty spirit that has taken over this place put a stop to that and claimed it all for itself.

The smell of rotten flesh is often smelt as well as items being thrown through the air, and in the mirrors often you will see decaying faces looking back at you, and if that wasn’t enough to scare you away then maybe the blood dripping walls will.

Dames Point Bridge, Jacksonville

If your need to cross the St Johns river then you’ll need to use the Dames point bridge, which was only constructed in 1988 so not old in the slightest, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be haunted.

There are many reports of an African-American woman, who is seen wandering aimlessly on the bridge before just vanishing. People say it’s the lost soul of the woman who killed herself by jumping off the bridge.

Annie Lytle School-The DEVILS School, jacksonville

This school was that haunted that after the teachers refused to work here they had no choice but to close the school down, leaving this condemned building free to let the evil spirits and the lost souls of pupils to roam around without us mere mortals getting in the way.

There are many stories connected to the “Devils School” from a cannibalistic headmaster who used to eat the pupils, to a crazy janitor who went on a murder spree,killing anyone who got in his way, even an exploding furnace took place leaving half the pupils dead, but with no reports or complaints from parents of missing or murdered kids, think we can leave this story to scare the kids.

But the creepy happenings of paranormal activity have been reported and even investigated by various ghost hunting teams and there are documentations of evp recording and photos to go with the claims.

Apparently this building was once used by cults to worship the devil,who carried out sacrifices and other weird and sadistic practices. As well as a shelter for the homeless and drug users.

This building and its ruins still remains here today along with its ghostly occupants.

Check out this evp.

Girvin Road Hitchhiker, Jacksonville


If when you're driving down Girvin road admiring the large houses set back within the trees, you may come across a spectacle wearing lady, trying to flag down a ride out of town, but i wouldn’t bother pulling over, because when people do she vanished right before their eyes.

The King House, Mayport, Jacksonville


John King lived in The King House for many years before his death in the 1970’s but it’s not his ghost that haunts this house now.

The ghosts that reside here once shared their home happily for many years with Mr King, now they share it with the staff of a feral cat association.

The building was rebuilt by William Joseph King, the father of John King after the original building was burnt down in 1907, but no one is sure as to when the first building was constructed but what is known is that the house was build on an old spanish burial ground, and was used as a boarding house by the sailors, and was also used as a catholic church and held wakes in the house.


One of the more active ghosts is “the man in red” he’s known to open the door to guests, he even instructed them to wait in the living room for Mr King. His spirit is so lifelike that people wouldn’t know he was a ghost,on one occasion he even asked a visitor for a lift and on another occasion he simply appeared in the back seat of one of the guests car.    

Then we have the “Lady in White” The sad story of a bride who was killed on her wedding night right outside the The King house when she was in a car accident.

She likes to be in charge of the kitchen, she was often seen doing the pots and keeping herself busy tidying up things Mr King left out. The cooks here at the house would know her presence far too well, as the lady in white liked to be the only lady in the kitchen and would make herself known by mysteriously making the real cooks food fall on the floor all by itself.

And then we have the “Rocking chair” that rocks all by itself. It’s thought that culprit who’s sat in this chair is the ghost of Mr King’s aunt who was brutally murdered whilst sat in the rocking chair by a pitchfork and at the hand of her jealous ex lover.

Other ghostly reports here are of hearing the footsteps of high heeled shoes up in the attic,and whilst the visitors slept at night they would have their bed linen taken from them as they slept.

Thomson Tabby House Ruins, Jacksonville

In 1854 a Charles Thomson started to build a house but never actually finished the construction, and the unfinished structure is still here today, known to some as Thomson tabby house and to others the Tabby ruins. But regardless of it’s different names, the ghosts are the same.

There are reports of a woman dressed all in white who is seen to wander the ruins as does Charles Thomas himself, but there are also reports of demonic “red eyed” animals that prowl the discarded area.   

Kingsley Plantation - Old Red Eyes,Jacksonville

The year of 1813, and this piece of land was home to over 60 African slaves who tendered to the cotton, corn, sugarcane and citrus that was grown here, and over the years the slavery numbers grew to over 200. The man responsible for the slavery was Zephaniah Kingsley.

But he did things a bit different. Once the working day was over the slaves were allowed to do what they liked, some grew their own vegetables and some liked to go fishing, but there was one who liked to rape beat and then murder the woman slaves. He was caught by some of the other slaves and he himself was beaten and then they hung him from a tree.

A few of the slaves living quarters, now ruins, are still standing along with the original plantation building on a dark, bumpy, off the beaten track part of the land edged in woods. The screams of these abused woman can be heard coming from the woods as well as a creepy mist can be seen, and as you drive by and look in your rearview mirror a pair of evil red eyes in a mist is looking back at you.