Haunted places in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Top hot spots for the ghosts of Fort Wayne.


Childrens Playground, Bluffton.


There’s nothing sweeter than hearing the laughter of children playing, but in this case it’s creepy.

There was once a gentle man who adored children and in return the children adored him. He ran the children's playground, which was on the Apostolic Church grounds.

But the adults felt very differently about the man, and his body was found brutally murdered, supposedly by a group of adults who didn’t like his ways. His body was just thrown into the river Wabash to rot.

So it’s reported that every night at midnight, if you stand on the bridge you can hear the spirits of the children playing in their old playground and unexplained banging from under the bridge.

Library at the University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne.


For one student many years ago, Saint Francis University library wasn’t the calm and relaxing place to read books and study, this was his place of death.

Sadly a boy committed suicide here in the library, by hanging himself.

To this day there are many reports from staff and students of seeing the ghost of the boy as well as drastic temperature drops, and other ghostly goings on.

North side High School, Fort Wayne.


Built back in 1927 on an old Indian burial ground, to the disapproval of an old Indian Chief of the local tribe. The Chief apparently to this day is still warning people off this school,  but now he is dead!

It’s reported that the chief haunts the grounds of the school, where the burial site once was.

Another ghost of this haunted school is a construction worker, he was killed when part of the stage he was working on collapsed and crushed him. He apparently still haunts the auditorium to this day. There was some repair works being done and a few of the “alive"construction  workers reported of seeing his ghost, maybe he was trying to warm them of the tragedy that took his life all them years before.

Then there’s the spirit of a janitor who died when he suffered a fatal heart attack while he was down in the basement of the school.

Staff have made many reports of seeing the ghost of the janitor when they go down into the basement.

And then finally the fourth ghost to roam North side high school is a sporty teenage girl.

There are many reports from staff and pupils of seeing the spirit of the teenage girl roaming the track area and in the gymnasium. There’s no reports on who the girl ghost is but she clearly likes to keep fit.

If the ghosts in this high school don’t tickle your fancy then maybe they will in the next high school below.

Carroll High School, Fort Wayne.


Carroll High school is not just haunted by ghosts but it has it’s very own curse.

The curse is that, every year 1 student will die and then will remain in the school to haunt it forevermore.

There is a report of a girl, a student at the school died, and the next day a fellow student sat where she would normally sit and was violently pushed off.

Snider High School, Fort Wayne.


Yet another haunted school in Fort Wayne is Snider High School, but this time there is no curse, but there is a screaming ghost.

One day a bunch of girls were messing around near the pool and one girl felt in and drowned.

Her screams can be heard often and loud throughout the school.    

Embassy Theater, Fort Wayne.


This old building is a somewhat of a landmark for Fort Wayne, and has entertained people with plays and productions for many years. But the plays are not the only things going on here to keep the public entertained.

The reports of creepy goings on have been around for years and with an array of ghostly goings on. 

Lights turn themselves on and off at random and often weird smells are smelt, as well as the taps spontaneously turning on, and the cold spots that come and go.

If that wasn’t enough, a grey apparition is seen roaming the halls of this theater.

So who is the ghost of the Embassy Theater, no one really knows for sure, but some say he could be an old director who still likes to be the boss.

Cement House/Whites Mansion, Fort Wayne.


Once called the Cement house, but now better know as Whites Mansion, isn’t either a house or mansion anymore. Now all that remains is ruins, and it’s these ruins that are haunted.

As a devoted husband to his disabled wife who was in a wheelchair, he made it his mission to convert the house so that his wife could move about there home with ease in her wheelchair.

But she died before he had finished it, so there was no point anymore and he walked away from it all and leaving it open to the element and over the years the building corroded and crumbled.

There are many reports of a woman's apparition seen here roaming the ruins carrying a light.

Is this the wife trying to find her beloved husband through the dark?

Chapman Road, Fort Wayne.


If your wanting to park your car somewhere, then maybe avoid Chapman road,or Gravity Road as it’s known to the locals.

The report is, is that if you park up right at the bottom of the valley, it won’t stay parked for very long. An unseen force supposedly will push your car right back up the hill.

Bruick Road, Fort Wayne.


If you park your car on Bruick road, the ghost here won’t move your car but you might get a light spectacle.

It’s reported that a light phenomenon will appear and move away, if you follow it it gets faster and changes colors before it just disappears.

Char’s House of Oak, Fort Wayne.


Fancy on doing some shopping in Fort Wayne, then you might just get a freebie ghost if you come to Char’s House of Oak.

Be careful when you climb the staircase as this is where the ghost of man, who oozes darkness, he appears at the top of the staircase in an uncontrollable rage, he then it’s reported, to take off his belt and runs down the stairs swinging the belt over his head.

There is one report of this happening, and he ran right through a shopper leaving a cold wind in his wake.

WalMart (coldwater road) Fort Wayne.


If you’ve never seen a proper Scottish man, then here’s the place to visit.

Many shoppers and employees here at Walmart on Coldwater road have reported of hearing bagpipes playing and a ghostly man in a kilt is seen roaming the store.

The Haunted Jail, Columbia City.


This haunted jail is now mostly used at Halloween as a haunted house, that’s because it’s super creepy and the ghost here is a murderer.

There are many reports from visitors and staff of hearing unexplained noises and loud scraping on the walls, and there is one door that is a particular hot spot for this ghost, maybe he’s claustrophobic or just likes to keep an eye out on the visitors, whatever the reason this door will not remain shut.

Many times a member of staff have closed and soon as there back is turned it’s wide open again.

Crossroads Cemetery, Fort Wayne.


Cemeteries are creepy anyway but this one just oozes creepiness.

From the minute you step through the gates into Crossroads cemetery, you have that uneasy feeling that someone is watching or even following you. That feeling makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, so imagine the feeling you’ll have when you start hearing the quiet whispers surrounding you and even seeing unexplained floating lights.

Greenlawn Cemetery, Fort Wayne.


Another haunted cemetery in Fort Wayne is Greenlawn Cemetery.

Not so spooky in the daylight hours but come sundown, it’s claimed that you can see floating orbs and unexplained light forms.

Devil’s Hollow.


Now a spot for cults to meet and perform their rituals and sacrifices, but Devil's hollow is the place where a witch was reported to have lived and been burnt to her death after a group of teenagers set fire to her house, everything was burnt to the ground.

Apparently if you stand at the hill and look up you can see the misty chimney of where the house once stood. And if you're brave enough to venture there at night, then have your wits about you as this witch still remains here and she’s reported to actually chase you away from her land.   

Lucky ghost witches can’t turn you into toad.     

Lakeside Park Neighborhood, Fort Wayne.


If you live in this neighborhood then chances are that you know of the Native American past that goes with Lakeside Park.

It’s believed that this is the land where the Native Americans would bring their sick, dying, elder and even mentally ill tribes men to live and eventually die here.

The residence here often claim to see dark shadows roaming the street and even unexplained footsteps and coughing in their own homes.

Swingers Grave, Jehl’s park, Fort Wayne.


Apparently if you go into Jehl's park after dark and swing on the swing, you will be pushed to the point where you will fall off.

But who’s pushing you?

Is it the spirit of the little girl who sadly died on the swing when the chain got caught around her neck and strangled her.

Old Byron Health Care Center, Fort Wayne.



In this old hospital is where you will find the “Stairway to hell” The building itself feels dark and heavy, but the stairs that lead down to the basement are just super creepy.

The feeling is just eerie and feels like you just shouldn't be there.

They are cold and very un welcoming and no matter how long you try to walk down them, you will never ever reach the basement, and you’ll be walking in the dark to as no light is powerful enough to penetrate into the  blackness.

Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne.


There are many reports here from patients and the employees of the Lutheran hospital of seeing a ghostly man who looks somewhat confused and weary wandering the the fourth floor, the ghost is that clear that people try to approach him, but the minute they get close he just disappears.

Maybe he was a patient here before his passing, who knows. The hospital has now been knocked down so it’s not likely were ever to find out.