Cecil Hotel Haunted Encounters

We look at the main reason why the Cecil Hotel Los Angeles is know for being creepy & haunted.

1. Elisa Lam Before She Was killed

This is video footage of her in the elevator of the Cecil Hotel.  As you will see she leaves the lift whilst acknowledging someone or something. She was found dead  in a hotel water tank which was in a secured area on the roof a few weeks later.

The autopsy showed that no drugs were her system what so ever. Also the guest were bathing & brushing their teeth in the contaminated water where her body was decomposing for over a week before her body was discovered. 

2. Mysterious Figure


There are many sightings of spooky apparitions. This is one of them .

3. Serial killers - Night Stalker' Richard Ramirez

Between 1984 to 85 Richard Ramirez know as the  'Night Stalker' committed satanist's offences in the Cecil Hotel. He lived in a $14 a night room where he slaughtered his victims. 

He was convicted for 13 murders & was put to death in 1989

4. Serial killers - Jack Unterweger a Austrian serial killer


Jack Unterweger an Austrian killed 3 prostitutes in 1991 at the Cecil Hotel.

5. Suicides and Odd deaths

During the 1950's to the 1060's the Cecil was know for being a suicide hotspot.

The horrors started long before for the Cecil. During the 50s and 60s, the hotel was known as a suicide hotspot.

Pauline Otton an 27 year old threw herself out of the 9th window after a argument with her husband, she was one of many who ended their life at the Cecil Hotel.

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